Business Partners

Business Partners

Application areas for flexible heaters covers a broad spectrum of thermal ranges, watt density requirements, material properties, mechanical needs, input power, controls and others. TurboFlex addresses these needs in a collaborative effort with two partner companies:


thermo Heating Elements, LLC. 
Offering a variety of heater types, thermo Heating Elements of Piedmont, SC brings specific expertise in polymer thick film heaters, wire stitched heaters, and silicone rubber heaters. Established in 1978, thermo’s capabilities are an excellent compliment to TurboFlex’s foil-based heaters so that customers have a full line of options to fit their application.

DG Innovations, LLC.

Providing design and application assistance, DGI helps customers specify, design, and determine what is needed from a thermal results standpoint. DGI typically works side-by-side with TurboFlex and/or Thermal Elements for heater patterns/layouts of prototypes and production jobs.

TurboFlex manufactures etched-foil flexible heaters utilizing automated systems to deliver fast and at low cost. Our business is set-up to enable individuals to order custom heaters in minutes and for our production facility to deliver in days. Made in the USA.