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Your heater requirements do not meet the capabilities of the heater flex system. Please go back and either increase the size of the part, increase the wattage, lower the resistance or lower the voltage. Click here to see our design requirements page.
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  • The cutline and features of the heater may be hand-cut and with a tolerance of +/- .075”.
  • I will not be sent an approval ‘proof’ other than the visual image that is presented to me before I accept this order.
  • The file I uploaded identifies where the wires are to be attached and on what side.
  • The wires of the heater will be 12”.
  • The attachment joints of the wires will have potting over the connection points.
  • The file I uploaded is viewed from the top down.
  • The heater I will receive is for functional purposes.
  • The heater I will receive is not UL rated.
  • The heater I will receive does not have any components, sensors, or special items.
  • The resistance (and resulting wattage) of the heater I will receive may have a variation of wattage due to resistance variance of up to 10% per unit.
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