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In 2013, with 30 years of experience in thin film technologies, TurboFlex Heaters entered the countertop heater business with a product line called FeelsWarm Technology.  Solving the problem of granite countertops feeling cold to the touch, the company began producing custom-shaped, large-format foil heaters (often more than 5 square feet each) to attach to the underside of stone surfaces.

As the company grew, we began marketing our capability of producing custom flexible heaters in ultra-fast turn time into the traditional flexible heater market where designers and engineers have the need to obtain flexible heaters in a few days.

TurboFlex Heaters is not only ideal for new product development activities and and prototyping, but also our quick-turn fabrication capabilities include midlevel production projects so that customers can continue working with us as project volumes rise.

flexible heater
flexible heater


From proof of concept all the way through production volumes.

We manufacture flexible etched foil heaters in the U.S., enabling designers and engineers to integrate heating solutions into their products. The thin profile and the precision thermal properties of a flexible heater provides unique advantages in the package design.

Many applications require a flexible heater with non-standard shapes and sizes, coupled with specific wattage requirements. Obtaining these customized heaters almost always requires costly tooling and design services. Not to mention, a lengthy turnaround time of anywhere from 3-5 weeks to months. TurboFlex’s business model has been formulated to solve this important problem.

  • Custom shapes, sizes & wattage
  • Competitive, flat-right pricing
  • High-quality & long-lasting, complying with outgassing requirements
  • Shipped within 2-5 business days of purchase
TurboFlex manufactures foil-based flexible heaters utilizing automated systems to deliver fast and at low cost. Our business is set-up to enable individuals to order custom heaters in minutes and for our production facility to deliver in days. Made in the USA.