Standard Large Size Foil Heaters

TurboFlex has hundreds of standard rectangular and circular foil heaters in stock, available to order within minutes.

  • High Temp Polyimide (Max 365F/185C)  |  Moderate Temp Polyester (Max 250F/122C)
  • Under (.014″ thick)  |  Size: +/- 0.50″  |  Resistance: +/- 10%
  • Ships in 48 hours with 12″ wires, potting over joints. (Gauge determined by TurboFlex).

To order a standard heater:

  1.  Open our Standard Heater Document.
  2.  Note the part number (PN) and price.
  3.  Go to our Order Standard Heaters page and locate the price that corresponds with your desired heater.
TurboFlex manufactures etched-foil flexible heaters utilizing automated systems to deliver fast and at low cost. Our business is set-up to enable individuals to order custom heaters in minutes and for our production facility to deliver in days.